Finally decided to bring back my blog. Had a hell of a rock bottom moment but I'm ready to properly bring this back. About me..

Curvy ass Hispanic mutt, Gamer, Hordie first and foremost, Feminist, loves lifting and freshly into Yoga. I'm into just about anything of interest geek-wise and am more than open to trying out new things. After all, what's better than finding something else to love to pieces?

This version of my blog may seem a bit more feminine than my last, but I finally decided that's not something I should have to separate or hide. I can be as feminine as I want and still kick someones ass. I'll always be a grumpy ass.

My best friends tumblr

My husbands tumblr

My first attempt at an RP char with a Tumblr page. A bit odd to have an Alliance char, but I love her to bits and pieces and I'm constantly putting work into her. Give my naive lil priesty a visit!

Alylia Medus Watchu want?
Skeletal Remains